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The Earth Day Kids is a grass roots organization in Philadelphia , Pennsylvania, that promotes peace and environmental responsibility. We encourage all youth and students to get involved with environmental awareness. By shining a light on this topic, we can fight pollution and other harmful processes and actions. Additionally, we support the “Going Green” initiative.

The Earth Day Kids Promotes Peace And Environmental Awareness Year Round 

In 2008 – 2009 The Earth Day Kids were nominated for Pa. Governor Rendell’s Sustainability Awards.

The Earth Day Kids toured the Philadelphia area promoting Environmental Awareness by performing the song. The Earth Day Kids became environmental stewards sharing environmental information to our community. We covered conserving energy, conserving water, and fighting air pollution. Growing Plants and Vegetables in safe soil.

What are some of our highlights?

The Earth Day Kids program will includes educational, entertaining, and interactive stations.  Groups of children can rotate between. 

The Earth Day Kids in 2010 became heavily involved in City Wide Clean-ups and the Keep Philadelphia Beautiful Campaign. The Earth Day Kids hosted The 40th Anniversary of Environmental Protection Agency celebration, Party For The Planet, was held at The Philadelphia Zoo.   

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