The night before The Earth Day Kids were to perform and reunite with an original Earth Day Kid, D’Bankzz. Shots rang out.

On the morning of October 8th, civil rights activist, singer, composer, choreographer, and musician Diamond “D’Bankzz” Wilson, an innocent bystander, was severely wounded by a lone gunman erratically shooting an automatic weapon on the unit block of North 59th street.

The result of this unfortunate altercation was the car riddled with bullets from a semi-automatic weapon. Additionally, D’bankzz, a passenger in the vehicle, was struck in the eye by a bullet fragment.

Rushed to The Penn Trauma Unit, The Trauma Teams worked on Diamond, first stabilizing her and proceeded to repair the shattered eye and bridge of her nose.
The bullet rested in the back of her eye. A bullet had shattered the bridge of her nose. The prognosis for the recovery of her eye was less than 1%. Doctors were able to suture the eye and nasal bridge but were unable to save the eye.

D’Bankzz Wrote and Performed,
“Put The Guns To Sleep”

The aftermath of the incident has sparked the need of continuing to support victims following gun violence. For years, various groups of people of color have worked and promoted the idea to stop gun violence. Yet, today, we realize we haven’t given adequate thought toward the support or resources for the aftershock of gun violence, especially victims of gunshot wounds to the face.

D’Bankzz was released from the hospital with almost no resources or support. In addition, she had to secure medicine that was not authorized by her insurance company.

“I desperately needed a place to stay and rehab and rest. But, I could not help my children. I was petrified to go back to my neighborhood where my shooting occurred. The trauma all came back. So, I could not go there. Later found out I had Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSS). I knew what that felt like before. Today, I am between surgeries. So, before I undergo my 3rd and 4th surgery, I want to tell my story and create a fundraiser that will help victims of facial and optic injuries who get no support or resources right away. I am now about to be homeless,” says D’Bankzz.

Family and friends contributed money for D’Bankzz to momentarily stay in various hotels and Airbnbs. But after being reunited with her children, it became apparent that securing temporary housing was a necessity.

“I quickly learned no one would rent to a 22-year-old with no income or employment, so I am inspired to develop a Foundation for people like me who are recovering from the eye and facial Gunshot Wounds,” says D’Bankzz.

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