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The Earth
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The Earth Day Kids is a grass roots youth organization founded in Philadelphia in 2007 to support the environmental song “Theme Song For Earth Day” – “It’s Not Unusaual” – was written in a collaboration with producer, writer and singer Charles Fuller. The Earth Day Kids toured the Philadelphia area promoting Environmental Awareness by performing the song. The Earth Day Kids became environmental stewards sharing information to our community about conserving energy, conserving water, and fighting air pollution by growing plants and vegetables.

In 2008 – 2009 The Earth Day Kids were nominated for Pa. Governor Randell’s Sustainability Awards.

Social Justice Engagement

Ensuring everyone has access to human rights.

Going-Green Initiatives

We sustain & promote practices to insure environmental safety.

Environmental Awareness

We promote the well-being of our natural environment

Promoting Peace on the Street

Our focus is communicating community unity against gun violence.

ALL children deserve an equal opportunity to succeed in life

Our Activities

The Earth Day Kids performed "Put The Guns To Sleep" for the protect our children movement.

Aschak, led the group to perform their call and response poem “The Earth Day Kids Universal Greeting For Peace” for The United Nations International Day of Peace held at Independence Mall. In 2011, D’Bankzz an original Earth Day Kid was encouraged to create a peace song. The effects of Trayvon Martin’s Death resonated with D’Bankzz and she emerged with a composition which she named  “Put The Guns To Sleep”. In 2012 D’Bankzz & The Earth Day Kids performed “Put The Guns To Sleep” for the 1st time During their 2nd appearance at The United Nations International Day Of Peace at Independance Mall Park.

What we focus on

Our Programs

Fight Poverty
Programs & Services

Our young people are educated in trained in community outreach programs and volunteer community engagement.

Family & Community

We support to families, children, young people, immigrants and other individuals with special circumstances.


We Believe in our youth participating in extracurricular, including tutoring programs, trips, and performing.

The Earth Day Kids Impact


Put The Guns Asleep Rallies & protest attendees


Performances and EDK Outreach to youth


The investment & time of our supporters


Hours in practice & performing of our greeting

Our Supporters & Sponsors

When you make a monthly gift or donation to our organization, the majority of your dollars go toward exactly what you intended – supporting children in poverty

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